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Welcome To NovelFeats – the site of my novel: A Whistling Girl, originally entitled The Hissing Tree and published in 2013, using the pseudonym A.M. Winter. I have revised and reformatted the novel and am pleased to share it under my own name.

As an eleven-year-old, I read the novel, Little Women and I loved the character of Jo March but I took it amiss that Louisa M. Alcott was never allowed to let Jo buck the patriarchal system; to have her own exciting life adventures, to become independent, and to find herself. See Notes et al re L.M.Walcott

Writing A Whistling Girl has been an exciting challenge on a couple of fronts. How could I portray the many societal and cultural inequalities that plagued the community I grew up in–S. Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe? Through the eyes of a young girl, how might I weave into the story the issues of religion, class, gender, and racial prejudice that I encountered during that changing and tumultuous time in colonial Africa? How might I convey a sense of place and time?

Ultimately, I drew inspiration from the notion that there were no great adventure stories for girls when I was growing up in the 1950s, so I decided there and then that I would write one of my own. 

The ebook is available on: and Noble/Goodreads/Applebooks et al.

Check it out.

Feedback/reviews and comments are welcome!

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